Materiais PLE pela voz das autoras Webinar

Materiais PLE pela voz das autoras | 17 de junho, das 12-13 horas | Lidel, Edições Técnicas | Hora da História | Inteligências Múltiplas

Next Wednesday, June 17th 2020 from 12 pm to 1pm some authors by Lidel, Edições Técnicas will get together to present their work and discuss important topics around education in the 21st century. Hora da História 1 and Hora da História 2 represent a method for teaching children on the level A1 and A2 of… Continue reading Materiais PLE pela voz das autoras Webinar

Teaching philosophy

Developing a Teaching Philosophy is a lifelong task. However, as every step is a brick in building the fantastic house of becoming a teacher, I attempt to summarize here my experience upon reflection. Speaking of reflection, it is indeed necessary for both parties involved in the teaching process to adjust and readjust expectations, motivations and… Continue reading Teaching philosophy

Writing Skills in Portuguese

For those looking to develop their writing skills, today an exercise book about writing in Portuguese for the levels A1-B2 was published on Apple Books. With tips, connectors and discourse markers, great formatting techniques and writing ideas for teachers. Check it out here: European Portuguese is our expertise. We teach Brazilian Portuguese as well, always… Continue reading Writing Skills in Portuguese