Category: Teaching methodology

  • 21st century skills

    21st century skills

    Communication – collaboration – critical thinking – creativity – global citizenship – customization and personalization of contents

  • Flip the classroom, teacher!

    Flip the classroom, teacher!

    Lingua Design Teaching corner Flipping the classroom  Aim: At the end of the session participants will understand advantages of flipping the classroom and analyse ways of flipping the classroom.  Rationale: A teacher-centered approach to class management is gone and obsolete. We understand that every student creates their own path to knowledge. Constructivism has brought us…

  • Our learning style

    Our learning style

    Personalization – Experience – Learning by doing – Results Lingua Design is a Language Learning playground. At least we aim to keep on in that direction. Learning that is designed to meet your needs is based on personalization of the experience of learning. In order to do that one requires a lot of human experience,…