Project Based Learning

Here’s a preview of what one can expect from Project Based Learning lessons at an international curriculum where lessons are iPad based and students do a lot of research for their exhibition. The process of Project Based Learning The process of a project based learning lesson is quite interesting. I’ll be posting my experience with… Continue reading Project Based Learning


The benefits of ice-breakers are well-known. Disadvantages are that you probably don’t always have time for fun before starting. Grown-ups particularly like it to the point, short and full of practical information. While fully inconsiderate of ice-breakers, when grown-ups have a lot of fun, they collaborate more and most importantly for language lessons, they communicate… Continue reading Ice-breakers


Learn German

It’s hard to define contents when our core business is customization, therefore your plans, your needs and your goals come into play. However, we like quality and we like to follow the Common European Framework Reference for Languages. Communicate in German across the levels I leave you with a few ideas on how we can… Continue reading German


English for holidays | Porto English Dates: 6 a 9 agosto 2019 (das 18-20 horas) Price: 99 EUR Venue: Pensarilhos – Rua 15 de Novembro, 156 4100- 420, Porto Business Engl Syllabus and interesting content that you can choose: Needs Analysis Email writing Communication skills Presentation Get in touch! English (General) Daily communication

Portuguese for Foreigners – book your lessons now!

This is your go-to place if you want to learn Portuguese for Foreigners. So book your lessons with us now. Lingua Design curates and creates personalized content for your course. In order to accomplish your plan, first you go through a free needs analysis test where we evaluate your level according to the Common European… Continue reading Portuguese for Foreigners – book your lessons now!

Flip the classroom, teacher!

Lingua Design Teaching corner Flipping the classroom  Aim: At the end of the session participants will understand advantages of flipping the classroom and analyse ways of flipping the classroom.  Rationale: A teacher-centered approach to class management is gone and obsolete. We understand that every student creates their own path to knowledge. Constructivism has brought us… Continue reading Flip the classroom, teacher!

Our learning style


Personalization – Experience – Learning by doing – Results Lingua Design is a Language Learning playground. At least we aim to keep on in that direction. Learning that is designed to meet your needs is based on personalization of the experience of learning. In order to do that one requires a lot of human experience,… Continue reading Our learning style