Project Based Learning

Here’s a preview of what one can expect from Project Based Learning lessons at an international curriculum where lessons are iPad based and students do a lot of research for their exhibition.

Project Based Learning – ECI – El Puerto de Santa Maria, Cádiz, España 2017-18
Project Based Learning – ECI – El Puerto de Santa Maria, Cádiz, España 2017-18

The process of Project Based Learning

The process of a project based learning lesson is quite interesting. I’ll be posting my experience with that here soon. But basically it entails creating good foundations by doing a lot of research, devising multiple drafts, exercising critique and preparing for a public exhibition, followed by a reflection, either by writing an article or something scientific. Then each step of the process has its own magic, which I will share with you.

21st century skills

The major environment through which Project Based Learning can exist is by the exercise of the 21st century skills. These focus on three major areas: Learning Skills, Literacy Skills and Life skills.

Learning Skills

We have worked mostly with Learning Skills, which are also called the 4 C’s: Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity.

Literacy Skills

As for the Literacy skills, particularly when they are embedded in a digital learning environment, they deal with researching, sorting and organizing Information from several sorts of Media by means of using Technology at our disposal. In this respect, Internet is certainly a big help, which again requires strategy and teaching. Nowadays, however, students may immediately concentrate on the fast and easy track.As a result teachers should also spend time on teaching how-to to other sources of information.

Life Skills

Further, Life Skills are important to develop all through anyone’s life, but these are particularly important for teenagers. Therefore Leadership and Social skills, as well as Productivity, Flexibility and Initiative or Pro-activity are the top skills that naturally evolve from the work with Project Based Learning.

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