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Welcome to Lingua Design, a platform that aims to inform you about language learning in a digital world and to share our offer of courses and workshops, dates, places and venues. Here you can book language courses and workshops on digital know-how, place your order and schedule your unique learning time.

All those looking out to learn are welcome to Lingua Design. Learn any of the following:

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Lingua Design likes personalized learning and proposes that for every learning situation.

For individuals we set goals based on expectations, resources and tailored strategies. Not seldom do we use coaching to enhance our lessons and workshops.

For companies and business customers we use theory of instructional design and develop tailored content. Nevertheless, education theory backs up the development of our courses and workshops.

Furthermore, we like to provide a reliable source of information on all aspects relative to education. Therefore, in our blog we curate materials and we write informative posts on the subject of teaching.

Moreover, our blog topics may include anything from training development to evaluation.

In addition, the digital arena has been changing the education sphere. Mostly, we adapt and think together with you through Design Thinking.

All in all, Lingua Design is a great place to start learning, keep learning and enjoy our content.

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